Reliable Price Feeds for NEO

Feedio is a platform for providing decentralized and reliable price feeds for the NEO ecosystem that can be easily consumed by DeFi Smart Contracts.
Focus on building your dapp while we provide you with real-time price information hassle-free.



Price data aggregated across multiple reliable providers with adequate redundancy and error-handling


Price data for the assets are computed continuously and written on-chain every minute to ensure you don't miss out the ups and downs


Get price feed data at a fraction of the cost required to build and maintain a similar setup on your own. Standard pay-as-you-go models


NFT based access control to the price feeds. Straightforward smart contract interfaces provided along with tutorials for retrieving prices for specific tokens

Multiple tokens supported

Wide range of tokens supported with the list continuously growing. Supported for forex feeds coming soon

Platform Focus

Feedio is built as a platform and welcomes anyone who can strengthen the project by providing price feeds reliably. Incentives to be shared based on the contribution to the network

Getting Started